...actions speak louder than words!

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The trucking world is never short on passionate people. With a bold and uncompromising personal style, entrepreneur Derick Broekhuizen is but one of these larger-than-life personalities

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL....He is known mostly for his precision engineering, as this is his life's work, but he takes equal pride in his two Freightliner Argosy trucks... and spares no cost to customise them to a degree that makes heads turn. Blending style with imagination, the primary purpose of these spectacular rigs is actually to transport steel between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Having started out with the Iron Duke, the Iron Warrior is – according to Derick's own video blurb – "Bigger, Better and Bolder". All the B's that he just loves!

A man known for his meticulous attention to detail, Derick, the founder and managing director of a metal-pressing and laser-cutting enterprise in Stikland, Bellville, has custom-made some striking details in shiny stainless steel in the Broekhuizen factory. These embellish the big Freightliner that is powered by a 500 hp Detroit engine, blowing smoke "loud and proud" through 3 m straight stack pipes. Henred Fruehauf built the 6 x 12 Tautliner trailer.

The two custom-built truck tractors lined up at the Killarney Race Track in Cape Town last year for an event that had spectators enthralled. As the two powerful engines roared to life – the Iron Duke is powered by a Cummins Signature 620 hp engine – all eyes around the track turned to see Derick and another driver duel it out, pushing their machines to the limits. The fastest lap time around the 3.25 km race track that Derick set on the day, was 2 minutes and 14 seconds – not bad for a Big Rig – bearing in mind these trucks are governed to 95 km/h!