...actions speak louder than words!

This has been a life-long ambition for owner and founder, Derick Broekhuizen, which has finally materialised after 23 years.

Argosy_002Derick Broekhuizen saw an opportunity in the industry to transport steel locally and nationally with the added advantage of reducing in-house transport costs. We will also be able to service our suppliers and reduce their logistical nightmares.

The new Freightliner Argosy was custom built in the USA and is powered by a 620hp Signature Cummins engine with an 18 speed gearbox. It can pull 32 Tons of steel with ease!

Broekhuizen Steel Carriers (Pty) Ltd, operational from November 2011, currently owns one truck & trailer combination. There are three more scheduled for 2012 and will service our clients with the high standards of customer service and service excellence in the way to which they have become accustomed at Broekhuizen.